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Welcome to the official Web site of Ernie Hines and Colorful Music Baby Blue Records, Inc.

Mission Statement

As artist and president of Colorful Music/Baby Blue Records, Inc., I have an earnest desire to become, like Paul (1Cor. 9:22b), “all things to everyone by all possible means”; so that through my music and my messages as a songwriter, and my lifestyle as a Christian, many more might come to accept God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ.

My passion is to:

  • Use whatever gift and talents I have received to serve others.
  • Be salt and light to the unbeliever’s heart and eyes.
  • Be a source of strength to the weak, down-trodden and forsaken.
  • Speak out and work on behalf of orphans, widows, and the homeless.
  • Always be there to build-up and encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith.
  • Lead the little children along the narrow paths of holy righteousness.
  • Share the word of God and the love of Jesus to a world in darkness.
Ernie Hines

From special music bookings to song writing and guitar lessons, the gifts that Ernie Hines has been given encompass a broad talent spectrum. Ernie is available for a variety of venues including:

  • Bookings for your church, school, college or auditorium.
  • Special music: for weddings or quaint coffeehouses.
  • Records Labels/ A&R Dept: need songs for an artist? Demos?
  • Guitar lessons: we teach the beginners the basics.

Contact us at (708) 771-3945 or e-mail us at:

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There Is A Way - Inspirational Songs of Faith Hope & Love CD by Ernie Hines

There Is A Way

Inspirational Songs of
Faith Hope & Love
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The Early Years by Ernie Hines

The Early Years
CD by Ernie Hines

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Ernie Hines - There Is a Way
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Single Only/Collector’s Item CD by Ernie Hines

Single Only/Collector’s Item
CD by Ernie Hines


Just A Second, Love
Walks Like She's Got
(The Only Good Lovin' Left)